Re: Frustrated

From: BL Gipson (
Fri Oct 6 11:04:41 2006

September 22, 2006 My problem with adhesions started because of a historectomy. Problems with benign cysts which caused severe bleeding for 6 months. They only took one ovary. the second ovary then produced a cyst which wrapped around part of my small intestine, twisting it into a figure 8 and adhesions from the hystorectomy latched on to another part of my small intestine and a serious tug of war began. I suffered for three years with abdominal pain and vomitting and it was consistently misdiagnosed. Finally it became so bad that I could not stop vomitting. Within four days time I went to three hospitals and the first two said I had gastrointeritis. (the second one never even saw me beyond triage--they were backed up and my problem "wasn't that serious". After waiting for 12 hours, I left because i could no longer sit in the chairs and I almost collapsed on the floor. I was finally diagnosed at the third hospital and rushed in for emergency surgery. The surgeon told me that I was very close to death by the time he finally operated. I now have a scar that runs from my sternum to my pubic bone that has been re-opened several times to remove more scar tissue/adhesions which continue to cause small bowel obstructions. The NG tube is worse than the surgery...ouch. The last time I was in the hospital and the labs clearly showed I had a small bowel obstruction and I had to endure the horrible NG tube. The doctor I saw actually wrote that I was "malingering" that is faking it and showed signs of drug seeking behavior. Yeah, I wanted drugs! It hurt like heck and i was throwing up bile. I can only take tylenol and demerol. the only 2 pain drugs I'm not allergic to. And I had an full blown small bowel obstruction. After I read the report that he wrote in my file, I seriously wanted to put and NG tube up his nose and then ask him if that was something he would do for a little demerol. I still fail to see how i could have faked the lab results. It is almost impossible to find anyone who understands what living with this is like. I asked the doctors to put a zipper where my 14 inch scar is since every time they cut me open it just forms more scar tissue.

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