HOPE for living with adhesions

From: Janell (janellharder@yahoo.com)
Tue Sep 12 23:33:41 2006

My husband asked me to write to this website to give HOPE to you out there living with such misery. It's strange to sit down here, I am sweating just thinking of what my life use to be, I don't want to ever visit myself in that state again even if it's only to go there mentally. My heart, love and suport go out to you. Hopefully my method will give some hope and a way to live almost pain free and be able to socialize again for you.

After my last operation for my adhesions I was desperate and had read that the Mayo Clinic had some new operation. My husband and I went down to the one in Scottsdale AZ and after every, every, EVERY test they told me the worst thing to do would be to operate because as all of you know the adhesions would only multiply when they are cut. I was already so depressed and with them not able to help me I just plummeted down into hell.

I mean after all, my original doctor (after the first operation) had me and my husband convinced it was all in my head. And after all I had just had an operation on the adhesions (with another 2 week bout in the hospital for the absess that formed 10 days after surgery) and here I was saying (crying) that I couldn't go to the bathroom, I was in pain, I didn't feel good, blah, blah, blah. So they ran some tests, rolled their eyes, NOTHING was wrong! I was crazy. My poor husband drug me around with him trying to have some kind of a life for himself while I laid around being neurotic for a YEAR! Both of us sick of me and my "what ever". I'd roll from side to side, lay on my back and hold my stomach up with my hands to make the pain in the muscle and skin take some of the pain away from in side of me. My Dear God, I am so crazy, please help me. In the very early hours of the morning all hell broke lose! I was operated on 3 days later. Who the hell is crazy? I've got so many bags of blood and other stuff going in me that there are two pumps going. Yeah, I was sure crazy, if all of this was in my mind someone was sure charging the hell out of us for every day I was in that hospital!!! Truely, God did send me an angel as a surgeon and his name was Dr. Eugene Louis. I owe him my life.

Now, back at to the Mayo Clinic (about a year after the second adhesion operation): I was honest with them, yes I had planned out my suicide. They wanted to know how I was going to do it, so I told them. They put me on Remron for depression and sent me to the dietician. She put me on the Mayo Low fiber, low residue diet and a diet to eliminate intestinal gas.

I stayed on it for about a year. Mostly my diet was scrambled eggs, turkey, green beans and crackers. I went to my own counselor and limped along.

One day I took 5 Beano tablets (instead of the two that didn't work at all) and ate some regular food. 24 hours later I was just a little uncomfortable but not bad. I've been doing this ever sence and my life is doing pretty good, and thankfully no surgery in over two and a half years. For some reason my anxiety is really out of whack but I'm working on it.

So as long as I take my 1/2 dose of Polyethylene Glycol Powder (Miralax) and use hemroid oinment every day I can go to the bathroom. I take 5 Beano tablets before I eat at every meal (still have to stay away from fried foods, Asian food (I think it was all the vegetables), foods made from dried beans, just any thing I think that could cause any gas. I just can't tell you how normal my life is getting! I thought there was no hope and when you have no hope every morning is a dread. Now I am hiking a bit, I feel so much better in my head and my body is working better if I exercise (I really have to make myself get up an do it). I am trying to get back into socializing again (been a recluse for the last couple of years). MOSTLY, I just want to say hang in there. If it isn't my little Beano-Miralax Plan that can help - there will be something, someone that will mention what works for them and your whole life will get put back together.

Today is the only day you have to take care of and you can do anything for one day. Just TODAY nothing else, you can do that. People that have never walked in your shoes will have all kinds of ideas, natural foods, potions, all kinds of BS and judgements of you including doctors and people that love you. Just listen to what you know down deep and you will find your way.

God be with you my friends.

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