Non-surgical Adhesion causes, info needed

From: Sharon (
Tue Sep 12 23:32:51 2006

i recently had a large ovarian cyst removed and at the same time the surgeon found and divided some adhesions.

I am trying to find out what will have caused them, ive had no surgery before, no major health problems (this is the first time ive ever seen my doctor for something non-routine) STI/STDs have been mentioned and considering im a 21 year old student this seems a logical assumption for most, but both mine and my boyfriend's tests have been clear and knowing my own sexual history im finding the chances of this being the cause hard to believe (though admittedly not impossiable).

Any other ideas to what may have caused my adhesions? Im still trying to get my head around things and cope with the pain so any ideas would be welcome!

Thanks for any help, Sharon,UK.

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