Re: Hernia Surgery adhesions

From: Lillian (
Tue Sep 12 23:37:14 2006

At Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Susan wrote: >
>Did anyone here have adhesions really bad after umbilical and incisial
>lap mesh surgery.Since my surgery last June 30th,food seems to get
>stuck.In fact everything seems to get stuck.BM's included.Up rather
>high.Above umbilical repair.Anyone have this.Almost like food caught on
>adhesions.THanks.Susan P.S.Have lost like 27 lbs due to inability to eat
>anything but small amts.

Hey Susan I had umbilical hernia on june 28th 2006. I could not eat for about a week and I complained that my urine smelled real bad but thought it was just me. Well on july 18th I returned to regular work on my job and experienced pain up high above my hernia sight and to the left and right also.The pain has gotten worst and I cannot find out what is wrong. I am going threw workmans comp because it happened at work(walmart bakery).I even had to go to Miami for my surgery(live in alabama). Now that I am having constant pain my company doctor that I see each friday for meds has requested I see a surgeon to find out what is wrong but wc won't let me because they say no surgeon will touch another surgeons work. My company doctor told me today he thinks it may be adhesions and requested an ultrasound.But I know workmans comp won't approve it. I refuse to go back to Miami. I have gotten a lawyer and he doesn;t think I had to.But I am just living on pain meds now and trying to fight the system. It sucks!!!! I to have a hard time eating any more than a small amount seems like it gets stuck. Good luck!!

Lillian Schimmelbusch

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