Re: Chest Pains...please help me

From: kathryn (
Tue Sep 12 23:36:58 2006

Tammy, i too have terrible unexplained chest pains and i suffer from adhesions after being cut open seven times. i have been suffering form this for 15 years now and still have not a proper diagnosis. the pain comes unexpectedly and for no particular reason i can figure out. it aslo lasts for about 20 minutes and is so intense that i feel like i am having a heart attack. have you had any luck with doctors since you wrote this?? please let me know. thanks.

At Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Tammy wrote: >
>I have been dealing with a new and horrible pain lately, it is in my
>chest and it scares the hell out of me.
>It hurts right square in my chest bone, between my boobs, it feels like
>it comes from below, like out of my legs (which I have a lot of problems
>with due to the adhesions). I can feel the path of the pain as it
>continues through my abdominal cavity, up towards the surface of my skin
>around where the bottom of my stomach would be and then dives under my
>rib cage, then the pain path on the right and left side join together
>and go straight up to the breast bone where it hurts so bad I can't
>hardly breath and I for sure can't move, there is no comfortable
>position but I try to lay down or back. The pain is very intense in my
>chest and it travels through my core to my back bone. My lower jaw bone
>starts to have sympathy type pain. if I hold my breath, it gives a tiny
>bit of relief but doesn't make it stop.

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