looking for help near Tucson AZ

From: Tracy Rosario (azbeanie1@aol.com)
Mon Sep 4 17:45:38 2006

I am 30 years old and have had many stomach surgeries. In April I had a two and a hlaf surgery to release the adhesions and I have not been without pain. I am going to have a colonostomy>> on the 11th to look for ibs and adhesions and i am looking at maybe a hysto. The doctor i saw just left me and was like oh well. There should be no reason for you to be in pain. I feel them growing back,they are there. Has anyone had luck with a doctor in tucson az or heard of a Dr. Alana Annis that is who my next appointment is with. I have heard of a gel but not sure. The wrap thing is not working. any help would be great thanks

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