Re: Celebrex pre-post adhesion surgery - Anyone take it?

From: Bonny (
Sat Aug 26 15:38:12 2006

I've first heard about this type of medication connection when the they discovered the Interlueken 1 and 6 connection (it might be two different numbers, I can't remember at this point) at the University of Sheffield, England a few years ago. They discovered higher levels of those 2 ILs in people who had a tendency to get adhesions. The thought was to find a way to suppress the ILs immediately after surgery to stop the formation of adhesions. That is where the celebrex comes in. Apparently they suppress the ILs. After a couple of years of no more information, I emailed the research doctor at Sheffield. He informed me that at this point it would take a massive and dangerous dose of Celebrex to do any good with the adhesions, so it isn't an option at this time. But, it is a step in the right direction. I don't think that it works. I have a friend who was taking celebrex, for another disorder, before and after her hysterectomy. She has adhesions.

At Mon, 7 Aug 2006, Paul wrote: >
>I've read the reports about the Boston animal research and that Celebrex
>was effective against adhesions forming when given before and after
>surgery, or something like that. Has any human had this -- anyone had
>the surgery with taking Celebrex and can you share your results so far?
>Are you symptom-free? I'm one-year after surgery for bowel obstruction
>and adhesion surgery and have been told that I always need to be on
>guard for repeat attacks. Thanks for any insights!

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