No Insurance - Need Help

From: Bonny (
Sat Aug 26 15:37:41 2006

Is there a state where I can get medical help through the State? I'm going to Delaware to stay with my daughter in hopes of finding help.

I've had abdominal adhesions since a hysterectomy in 1998. They were discovered in 2001 during a surgery to remove the ovary that was left behind.

I need to have them removed again. I'm in great discomfort, sometimes in serious pain. I can't lift anything over 5lbs and can't climb flights of stairs without pain. I've started having some tingling in my abdomen. My gastroenterologist says that my nerve endings are being affected. Recently the tingling is going down my left leg and I can't feel my foot when I step on it. The majority of my adhesions are on the left side.

I lost my job a little over a year ago and couldn't afford to keep the insurance with Cobra. I had a choice, roof over my head or health insurance. Now I've lost everything and I'm staying with friends temporarily - must be out of here by September 1.

I'm in Florida. If you are a single person without children you can't get any medical help through the state. The County health departments are set-up so that you have to be destitute (no money) to get help, but have to have a valid address to get their aid. In other words, if you're homeless, no help.

The laws for hospitals here are: They have to see you, but unless you are in danger of dying, they don't have to treat you. I went to one at the end of December, they did a cat scan and an xray and sent me on my way. Now I have a $3,500.00 bill and got no help.

No surgeon or hospital will do the surgery unless I have $2,000 to $3,000 up front to give to them.

I called the adhesion clinic, advertised here, at Celebration and asked if they ever helped people in dire straits like I'm in. I was told no. It should be a great place for those who have insurance, but the rest of us won't get help there. Celebration is a Disney World created town. Rich people live there. Its expensive.

If you live in a state that really helps people like me, please let me know the state. I'll crawl there if I have to and sleep on the streets. I really need surgery, so that I can go back to work full time and earn a decent living. I have a part-time job now, but no insurance.

Thanks, in advance, for any info that you have.


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