From: Rebecca Tucker (
Sat Aug 26 15:34:48 2006

Hey Deidre, Well, all I can say is "been there, done that" to all that you have, including the Port-a-cath. I went to a surgeon at Cedar Sinai Medical Center

in Los Angeles and saw a Dr. Philip Fleshner. He did surgery in December and

I have been virtually pain free, off the morphine and Fentanyl, off the TPN,

eating normal, and having normal bowel movements. I'm in heaven and I've even gained enough weight that I want to go on a diet. I've had adhesion problems with all the same things you list since 1981. It's been horrible and I can sure relate to the depression. In fact, I started getting severe septicemia repeatedly and was really looking at the possibility of soon dying.

If you can't get in to Dr. Fleshner without a referral, you need to first see Dr. Mark Pimentel at the motility clinic in Cedar Sinai. Dr. Pimentel can be found on the website at:

My prayers are with you, and best of luck in your quest. Please don't give up, and don't hesitate to accept an antidepressant medication until you can get to a better place! Reba

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> I can't believe there is actually a group of people that have the same
> problem I do. I thought I was all alone. For 3 years now I have been
> battleing with post operative adhesions. I have had 6 abdominal
> surgeries. Endomitriosis, hysterectomy, Intessuseption, Bowel
> Obstruction and numerous other problem...every 4-6 weeks I am back in
> the hospital with a NG tube in my nose and IV pain meds. I hate it and
> I am soooo depressed. I keep getting partial bowel obstuction,
> sometimes complete bowel obstructions. I am in constant pain, I have a
> Morphine Patch and as much Dilaudid by mouth I can tolderate.

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