Surgery is 2 weeks away!

From: Kris (
Wed Aug 23 17:50:14 2006

I am going to be undergoing my 9th surgery on my abdomen. This time it is for ORS (Ovary remnant syndrome). The reason for my ORS is, according to my doctor, is because of my "massive" scar tissue and adhesions. They are planning on going in and "cleaning up" the scar tissue and adhesions although the last time they did this they "nicked" my colon. The general surgeon (not the same one that will be doing the surgery this time) said it is extremely difficult to tell where the scar tissue stops and the organs begin.

I know that this is not the end of my ARD because I know they will be back but hopefully it will be like my past history where I will at least get 2 years almost pain free.

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