Re: Zelnorm Episode has me scared /Omental Adhesions - I need your

From: Cheryl (
Mon Aug 7 21:57:20 2006

"I found a gyn in Houston after 23 turndowns for help who did a laparoscopic supercervical hysterectomy."


I too was taking the Zelnorm (my primary care doc. prescribed for chronic consp. due to endo and adhesions)until my GI doc. took me off. He said, anyone having had abdominal surgery or who have history of adhesions(i.e: appendectomy, gallbladder or hysterectomy) are not to take Zelnorm! It can cause the adhesions to tear away from the bowel and you can bleed to death!

Stool softnerS and laxatives do nothing for me. Believe it or not, M.O.M. (Milk of Magnesia) taken twice a day has helped a lot. If I even miss one dose I get plugged! Unfortunately, I'm in Illinois, so can't help you with who is good in Texas. Good luck

At Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Sabrina wrote: >
>Hi Natalie, I need your help. I've been suffering with endo, etc., you
>know how that goes. Well, it turns out I had adenomyosis which was so
>extensive it penetrated the uterine wall. The scan shows multipe fluid
>filled loops of bowel with the most fluid in the colon. After suffering
>10 years and being told I was to high risk for surgery (I had pcos too,
>and the left ovary kept rupturing and no one would help me)..I found a
>gyn in Houston after 23 turndowns for help who did a laparoscopic
>supercervical hysterectomy. He said he saw NO ADHESIONS, but I get the
>operative report and it is noted OMENTAL ADHESIONS ON THE LOWER LEFT
>ANTERIOR ABDOMINAL WALL, AND BLADDER! No wonder I cannot urinate right,
>and nothing passes.

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