Re: Need support and help! Thanks

From: Shannon (
Mon Aug 7 21:56:50 2006

Hi Tamara-

My name is Shannon and I live in Missouri. I have been suffering with severe and constant pain which began in 1997 with my first surgeries and escalated to the misery I am in today. I have had multiple surgies (3 c- sections, ovary removed, gallbladder removed, adhesions removed- which came back with a vengence). Doctors want to perform more surgery and I refuse because I know that will be the end of me. I have been through all the tests too and they are always negative. I don't know why doctors refuse to believe that adhesions are responsible for my pain. Currently I am taking Lortab, but I have to take too much to get any relief. I have also tried MS Contin in a low dose and it didn't help much either. I hope you can get help and any questions you have, please ask me. I have been going down this road for a few years now. Good Luck- Shannon

At Tue, 25 Jul 2006, Tamara M. Harris wrote: >
>Hello to all! I will start off my story by introducing myself: My name
>is Tamara and I live in Ohio: My ARD problems start back on Nov.
>16, 1992: My OBGYN doctor performed a Laparoscopic tubal ligation on
>that day, when I was in the recovery room and getting ready to go home,
>I passed out and had to be taken back into the operating room for a
>exploritory surgery. I had bleeding from my mesosigmoid (Main artery in
>your belly) Almost lost my life and very thankful to be alive. Since
>this operation I have had many surgeries for full bowel blockages,
>hestorectomy, appendix removed, gallbladder and 6 inches of small
>intestine removed and also back surgery: I have been living in pain
>since 1992 with many partial bowel blockages too: Just recently the pain
>has progressivly gotten worse. The wrenching in my right side just
>below my rib area:
> Tamara

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