Re: Adhesion connections

From: shelly knudson (
Mon Jun 26 09:34:39 2006

At Thu, 22 Jun 2006, SHARIG wrote: >
>About 2 1/2 years ago, I had my last surgery in which they removed knots
>of adhesions that kinked my intestional track in 2 places. It releived
>alot of pain, but now I believe that the adhesions have connected to my
>musculer system and pelvic bones.

Hi my name is Shelly and I am having about the same problem . I just had surgery in March and for some reason my bowels was stretched three times its normal size. So I had they had too cut at least six inches of my intestines to fix my bowels. . Two years ago this had happen back then my intestines were twisted my surgeon had to untwist them. The pain is mostly on my left side and it also affects my pelvis and left hip then the pain shoots around to my back. The pain gets so bad that I can not walk. Plus on top of everything else I am having very painful bowel movements. My surgeon is talking about he might have to go inside to remove them all again. I am really glad that there is people out there who know what I am going through also. Somebody who understand what the pain is like. Shelly

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