Re: adhesions and bloating..

From: Sara Tucker (
Mon Jun 26 09:33:45 2006

Diana: That is a great suggestion. I've had 3 c-sections, and 2 hysterectomies, (Yes, you heard me right-couldn't get cervix out because it was adhered to bladder.) my ovaries removed and I've lost count of all the lysys done by a full surgery-no laparascopy.

I now take Zelnorm (but you must be very careful to stop it when you know you're obstructed) and a new drug on the market callled Amitiza. Between these two drugs, I'm as regular as rain. But I still get very bloated.

My GI said that the bloating will happen because of the fluid that the adhesions themselves cause. I also use Dyazide for bloating but when I'm obstructed or even partially obstucted, I get huge. I also have a lot of pain and bloating when I stand too much or try to be nearly as active as I used to be. It does get quite depressing.

However IBS is something to discuss with your doctor. There are treatments for it and they are effective. But so far as bloating, it still can and does happen. But do consider IBS and discuss this with your doctor.

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