Re: adhesions and bloating..

From: Holly Clark (
Thu Jun 22 20:28:59 2006

Boy... Me too! I thought it was from the Bladder Disease! I have Interstistial Cystititis.. Endometresis..Diviticulitis.. (and I am sure I didn't spell any of these right...) I didn't know what it was from! I too, was NOT suposed to get pregnant..but Praise God have one SON!...and Am in agreement.. Went to Wal-Mart and feel like it's all falling out the bottom... can't hardly walk.. when a lady said.. oh.. let her go ahead of me..she is pregnant.. I just want to CRY! What does one say! The Dr Gave me Propolyne Glycol to get things moving..which helps... but still I swell.. Also.. Heat seems to make it worse the Pain.. is horrible! I am glad I am not alone!~ All inside parts are removed at this point.. hey.. and they LEFT Staples! MORE ADHESIONS?? I can see them in the xrays! Gall Bladder.. appendix.. complete hysterectomy!... anyone else have STAPLES????

At Wed, 21 Jun 2006, Sara Tucker wrote: >
>Hi Sweetie: You are certainly not alone. In the morning, it's not so
>bad but by noon, pull out the maternity clothes. I literally look 5 to
>6 months pregnant myself. I think it's called adding insult to injury.
>At Sat, 17 Jun 2006, Debbie wrote:
>>Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I had 2 c-sections and
>>an emergency hystorectomy. Since then,I have had scar tissue/adhesions
>>removed 4 times. I can tell when the scar tissue is back because the
>>tight fitting clothing or anything else snug around my waste is out!!!!
>>It hurts too bad. Like you, I some times look 5-6 months pregnant all
>>in my lower ab area. I'm usually fine in the morning but by mid morning
>>I am bloated/swelled. I dont know what the problem is!!! but it is very
>>embarresing. I am also having pain when its time for a bowel movement.
>>after I have the scar tissue removed I'm fine for around a year then all
>>the symptoms are back. I wish i knew what to do!!!!

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