Re: Bowel Resection Surgery with Ureter Stints!!! Please Read

From: Tom (
Wed Jun 21 11:22:34 2006

At Mon, 29 Nov 2004, Jimmy Overcast wrote: >
>I am scheduled for a Bowel Resection of the Sigmoid Colon next week due
>to chronic diverticulosous. My surgeon mentioned during my consultation
>he would be having a urologist put stints in my ureters during this
>surger. Could someone please explain>

I am going thru the same thing and if your colorectal surgeon recommended it then he knows what he's doing. The reason is preventative, the ureters from your kidney to your bladder are in the way in a bowl resection and they put the sint in to be able to keep track of the ureter and not damage it.

Good luck

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