Re: Surgery date Aug 29th

From: lisa (
Sat Jun 17 15:55:06 2006

Hi i had a laparoscopic sterilisation on march 7th 2006 but the said they couldnt see my left tube and ovary properly due to severe adhesions so they went ahead and put a clip in place. Two weeks later i went for a HSG and it was found that my tube wasnt clipped. Since the steralisation i have been in constant pain and been hospitalised twice. They are now deciding that because i am not steralised fully that on 29th june 2006 i am to go into hospital for a laparotmy to remove the adhesions but instead of trying to clip my tube they are deciding to remove my left tube and ovary. I am terrified of more surgey and developing more adhesions let alone the infections i always seem to get.

My doctors havent really told me alot about the procedure so is there anything you or anybody can fill me in on it please? i am so worried that they will take the other tube, ovary and uterus even though they are fine, They cant do that can they? Thank You for taking time to read this.

At Wed, 26 Jun 2002, Chantale wrote: >
>Hello everyone I finally have my surgery booked for Aug 29th. I am
>scared to death but relieved at the same time. I am getting my left
>tube and ovary removed and possibly my right tube and ovary. Getting my
>dense adheasions cut down from my liver to my bowels.

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