abdominal adhesions

From: teresa (teresa444@cox.net)
Sat Jun 17 15:54:23 2006

I just had surgery again this time for mesh removal from the last surgery in june 05 from multiple hernia's. I live in louisiana and for a solid year kept going back to this doctor crying in pain, with him saying"its just going to take time teresa" he even wanted me to take a spinal block shot to block the pain which i knew from day one that something was terribly wrong...well after a year of crying and suffering and no life at all he finalally went in and my adhesions had attacked the mesh he put in my stomach and he had to remove it all. Now im prone to hernias bad again so cant win for losing. my hernia's are incisional hernia's so it wont surprise me to have one now. On a positive note i feel so much more better now than i did from the last surgery, but its like the doctor just didnt believe me, or thought i was a whimp...haha if he only knew how bad these adhesions hurt, im 51 and have had multiple surgerys so i can tolerate pain and i also know my body and know that adhesions dont show on any test...hellooooo...we need some kind of test for that. now im scared if i was to get any of the new stuff like the gel or serapin placed inside me the adhesions will attack that. Its scary to know I have to live like this the rest of my life and if I didnt have a child sometimes would consider just ending it because there is no quality of life for me. But cant do that, its a sin God put this on my plate for a reason so i have to handle it the best I can, what im looking for is specialist in this field in my area, louisiana or texas...does anyone know of one? thanks so much and god bless you all i feel your pain, will keep us all in my prayers.

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