How r u feeling since your surgery...

From: IAS Admin (
Fri Jun 2 20:11:59 2006

From: D. Tigoudar/ T. Crongey [] Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 8:54 PM Subject: How r u feeling since your surgery...

Hi Jeanne, my name is diana and my girlfriend suffers from it all 2, but when i first read your email few weeks ago, i figured i'd give it a month until you went there to see how it went with this Dr. Reich guy? How's the healing process going on for you now? I pray for each and everyone of you. And I wish all the best of health for you all. Please dont think im nutz or anything like that, I just truly see and hear it and live with it through my girlfriend for the past 2-3 yrs. She swears she'll never go under again, but I even thought of taking out a loan just for the trip for germany until I saw that theres another surgeon thats very close to us, we live in florida. so I have a bunch a questions, but Im not going to bombard u with them now, get rest and take care of your self and whatever else you need to do to get back together again, I hope and pray this was and is the answer for all! feel free to email me when your ready and able. Take Care and God Bless! D.

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