i might be a guy but i feel what you feel.....

From: aces2duces@yahoo.com
Fri Jun 2 20:11:32 2006

hi my name is robert martinez and i have the these same symptoms. To tell you the truth i know that i am a guy but im glad that i found people that feel what i feel. for so long my friends and family told me that the reason i feel this way is due to constipation,, but i knew it was more!! i wake up in the morning and feel like i just got off a mary-go-round,and need to vomit. Im hungery all day but the food that i put into my body causes me to feel piercings in my stomach. Like Diane at the end of the day i feel dizzy and dont want to do anything. im afraid to go to the hospital for the fact that i dont want the doctor to tell me that i am dying,,,,what can i do to end this torment that is going on in my stomach?????? is ther a cure??? or just more qustions??? i know that im a guy,,,, but i feel what you feel!!!

At Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Diane Bolis wrote: >
>My name is Diane and just found this site today. I am shocked at how
>many of you women suffer as I am. For many years all the doctors told
>me I had irrital bowel symdrom and to get rid of stress ... the only
>thing that was causing stress was me feeling sick. I finally went to my
>ogyn last Oct. (I had 2 C sections, Hysterectomy, Apendex surgerys) he
>did surgery and found I had these huge adhesions, I call them aliens
>growning inside me thats what it felt like before I knew that I had them
>, He said they start growing back an hour AFTER surgery ... well its
>four months later and heres my symtoms ..... violent spasams, direrra,
>waking up everymorning feeling sick like I have the flu or drank too
>much .. I don't drink, At the end of the day I get dizzy and don't feel
>like doing anything, at night turning over causes pain in my middle back
>.... my insides always feel bruised ... HELP... what do I do? I live
>on donetol .... I take it when I feel the spasms coming on ... my kids
>are always sick of me saying I don't feel well ... THE FUNNY THING IS
>>>> IS THAT I AM HUNGRY AND WANT TO EAT .... that is so crazy ...
>anyone else feel like that? I try to eat my main meal around one in the
>afternoon ... thinking it will digest easier while I am active during
>the day .... jello, tufu, chinese soups seem to be ok .... but meat,
>veg, fruit .. If I ate in apple it would kill me ... Thank you for
>being here and sharing ... Should I go through ANOTHER surgery? WHat
>about massage? DOes that break down these creatures? What about
>accurpuncture? ANy medications? How about drinking round up weed killer?
>HA HA ... Is their anyone who actually concorded this plague?
>Lots of blessings to all

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