Adhesions from c-section

From: Kim (
Thu Mar 30 09:42:29 2006

I was having severe back-hip pain for 2 years. I am a fit 45 but could not stand for 10 minutes without extreme pain pulling at my lower back. I went through hundreds of $$$$$ in PT to help correct my problem and faced endless MD visits; My GYN, Osteo, Spine Center at Univ. Rochester. I was even told by my FORMER GP that I was out of shape & may benefit from counseling. The end result? Thank GOD for Dr. Scott my GYN; he decided to do lapo to explore adhesions. Turn out I had loads of adhesions from my C-Section 26 years ago. It's been 6 months and I feel a good 80% better. It's been a new lease on life.

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