I'm even more fed up

From: Kaz (kazrobt@aol.com)
Thu Mar 30 09:42:21 2006

I've still got the hump after my apt with the Gynae last Thursday.He told me all about the adhesions and showed me the piccies they took when they did the lap.He also told me that they don't do anything about the adhesions either.Fantastic I really don't want any more surgery but was hoping that there would be another form of treatment they could offer me.He suggested I go back on the pill at first until I told him I was still taking it and it didn't make any difference.I also told him that the mefanimic acid does zilch to help with the pain anymore either.

I wasn't very impressed when the only option I was given turned out to be get pregnant again.I did kinda go into one at this point telling him that I had to have fertilty treatment last time and that I ended up having 9 attempts and a miscarriage before concieving.I also said to him that if they couldn't find my cervix because the adhesions have pulled everything up so high when they tried doing the smear test when I was having the lap then what chance do I stand of them finding it while I'm awake for me to have fertility treatment (at this point he kinda just shrugged his shoulders as if to say I haven't got a clue).

He also said that they'd consider putting me on depo after I have the baby if the pain goes away whilst I'm pregnant.I only suffered bad period pains before my Daughter was born and ok they were every bit as painful as they are now but I didn't have the pain all the time from adhesions like I do now.He also decided to discharge me saying that I can get a referal back to see him if I need to in a year or so's time.

A very fed up Kaz xx

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