omental adhesions suffer update RE: Sherry

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Gary, I just read your e-mail and was amazed to learn that you are from the Boston area. I used to live in Salem,Ma for about 17 yrs and then moved down to the Florida area. I have been down here in Florida for almost 24 yrs. I also read that you are taking Zoloft medication. I was told that it is only for patients who don't have adhesions period. Zoloft can cause a great deal of abdominal pain if you have adhesions which I am sure you do. You may want to check with your doctor or better yet your gastroenterologist who can assest the situation better.I know for a fact before a specialist even gives you Zoloft, they perform a colonoscopy to see if you have adhesions around your intestinal area first.I worry that some drs are prescribing before testing.In the Zoloft commercials it even says do not take if there is a possiblity you may have adhesions. Check it out. From: (Gary) Subject: Re: omental adhesions suffer update RE: Sherry

Hi, Sherry and all:

I'm Gary, and you are not alone. Finding you guyz here helps me to know that I'm not alone, too. I've had IBS for 20 years, plus two surgeries for adhesions -- including one this past January when I was rushed to the hospital for a major intestinal obstruction. I've been trying so hard over the last several weeks to heal, return to work, and get back some semblance of a normal life. My 81-year-old dad died last November after battling colon cancer for 2 years, and my January attack was just all too much. Now just this week, I've been having a lot of my IBS symptoms, and I'm praying that the adhesions aren't already returning to wreak havoc on me.

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