Been told I have to learn to live with it

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Tue Mar 14 19:48:54 2006

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ms lee.........................i am exactly in the very same boat and right there with you, i have had this diease since the age of 16, i am now 40 years old, and have the bowel fistulas due to so many bowel surgeries due to adhesions, anyone that doesn't think it cant get any worse it can    i look back soooooooooooooo many times and do the remember when thing cause you just cant imagine the pain getting any worse but it does and can as we and a lot of us do know i just hope some of the younger ones   just listen to some of our advice, cause we all know what they feel like but now im left with bowel problems, losing a kidney, and many more do to adhesions and 14 surgeries,          

god bless you sweety,                                                                  angie dial

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