Re: Been told I have to learn to live with it

From: Ms Lee (
Wed Mar 1 21:32:01 2006

Hi Kaz,

I understand your reality when the Doc's say, "NO more, live with it".

I am a surgical history nightmare like so many here. There was a time where I thought if I researched enough I would find a miracle surgeon. I wanted to believe the local surgeons in my area were just not experienced enough hence the "No more attitude".

Years later I want to revisit this issue. They were right, and God Bless them for not doing any more surgery.

Surgery may be an option for some, but for majority it does nothing more then give a temporary solution to a lifetime problem. Adhesions tend to return.

It took me years to accept the fact that there was no easy fix, and I now had the burden of dealing with the complications of decades of surgery. I am 12 years since my last surgery, and remain in the status of no surgery except if life or death.

This has been a good thing, because it made me deal.

The Doctors compromised and made a deal with me. If I went forward with quality of life to my best ability they would provide pain meds for all the aggravation I caused myself trying to be "normal and active".

I have found a balance, and have found that compromise. I have to take oxycodone daily but I can keep up with a 30 year old. Sure, I pay the price and it can be miserable but I refuse to conceed any more quality of life to this disease than it has already robbed me of.

So I turned my battle away from fighting the Docs, to fighting the disease and not self imprisoning myself because it hurts or causes constant bowel unpredictability.

I have applied for SSN disability in August for adhesions, no ruling yet.

My last attempt to be surgically relieved from adhesions created 2 bowel fistula's, a known complication risk. I will always have these which present more problems than the adhesions did that got me begging somebody to operate on me for.

Everyone is different, and surgery may be the miracle but it is more the exception than the rule.

God Bless everyone, and know your much loved!


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