Re: Antidepressant & Chronic Pain

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Sun Dec 25 13:29:53 2005

Amen to that, Rach, I waited a long time before I actually admitted to my PMD that I was depressed and by then it was so bad I was almost dysfunctional....what do I mean almost? I was dysfunctional. Within a week of taking Lexapro 10 mg daily, I was like my old self and kicking myself for going so long without an antidepressant. Not only that, it did help me cope with the pain. I could

have shot myself for waiting so long. My doctor was very compassionate and offered me counseling. I decided to wait on the counseling, and since I'm feeling SO Much more like my old self, I think I'll be fine. I hope you all read this and realize that it really is helpful to you if you will just consider the option of taking antidepressant medication for chronic pain suffering. It's really helpful! Reba

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> Sender: (Rach)
> Subject: Antidepressant & Chronic Pain
> For those of you who mentioned what pain meds you were on, or that your
> doctors want you to go on antidepressants, you should know that
> antidepressants are known to help chronic pain. You should see a
> psychaitrist to get the right doses & the right meds, but dont be afraid
> to take them.
> Rach

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