Re: tired of doctors and no answers

From: Ms Lee (
Sun Dec 25 13:28:05 2005

You said it like it is!

Like I said in previous message. I was to busy expecting resolution via the medical field and totally lost sight of developing a better attitude of acceptance within myself.

We did not choose this disease but we can choose how we manage it. I have to have pain meds as well, but what made all the difference in the world is finding the balance of emotion and physical.

I am no longer angry, I am no longer punishing my friends and family. I never thought I could be whole again with ARD and the fistula's.

But, I am at peace and living life to the fullest, disease and all :-)

-Ms. Lee

>You have very limited options, either surgery which
>doesn't help. They can come back worse or pain
> management.

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