Re: Saw my pain doctor for first time

From: tami schneider (
Wed Dec 21 19:37:20 2005

Lindy, I suffer from chronic pelvic pain.I did have the hypergastric plexus block and it worked very well.The only thing is I only got 24 hours relief and they consider 3 days relief responding to the block.After a series of 3 they discharged me.I think they were on to something b/c I did respond.The only thing is you cant issolate the nerve when you do the hypogastric plexus b/c its the area of the spine where all the nerves collect at the L-5,S-1.It would be more benificial if you could isolate the nerve that way you can have nerve blocks done specificaly to that nerve. They have never isolated the nerve on me Ive had several differnt kinds of nerve blocks.The thing is,is that most were done in the spine and when you have pelvic pain they need to also be working with the pelvic nerves.I think I have a problem with my genitofemoral nerve but I cant find a Dr. who knows and works with female related nerve issues here in mich.Im also on a vuvlodynia support group thru yahooo and Kristy is getting nerve blocks and getting a month relief at a time but she has a Dr. who works with female related chronic pain so her Dr. can find the nerves exactly.She is getting an injection that goes in to the genitofemoral nerve and they go thru the labia majora.Her Dr. is using Lidocain,Marcaine and Sarapin in the injection.If the nerve block doesnt work its b/c they didnt get the right area.If your gonna get nerve blocks make sure you keep track of what nerves they do. I did get my most relief when I had a procedure called Racz Epiduralysis that was to treat the adhesions I have at the spinal cord from 2 prior back surgeries.I got 7 days releif from my chronic pelvic and back pain.The Neuroniton is correct.It doesnt really work well until you get to the high ML. like 1200 pluse.I did get reilef from Neuroniton but I have stomach problems from years of pain meds. and I wasnt able to tollerate it for that purpose. Good Luck,Tami

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