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Mon Dec 19 17:04:06 2005 has a good article on small bowel obstructions (SBOs) . I half read it with what my attention span could allow more than once. According to the article, obstructions can be "simple" or "strangulated." 60 percent of SBOs are simple and 40 percent are strangulated. Both are very uncomfortable. But strangulated means that the blood flow is interrupted which can cause tissue to die. It's very serious. Do not delay going to the emergency room for too long. Mortality rates due to strangulated obstructions go from 8% to 25% if surgery is delayed more than 36 hours. Talk with your doctor about when to seek emergency help. Plan ahead. Know what to look for.

I just had this talk with my doctor for the first time. I was constipated for 3 days and bloated for the first time in memory. I had abruptly changed my diet, and gorged on vegetables, including celery. I ultimately didn't move my bowel for 5 days. But I was still passing gas. On day 3, whe told me to watch for vomiting, which is associated with an obstruction higher up. Your doctor might give you different advice. Don't rely on mine.

The most common cause of SBO is post surgical adhesions. SBO can occur right after surgery or decades later.

This is too serious to not get your own doctor's advice. Plan ahead, and talk to your doctor. This time, you'll get their attention. This is life or death. They'll answer your question. I'd bet money on it.

Mark in Seattle

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