Re: Symptoms and drug seekers

From: Rachel (
Fri Dec 16 17:35:09 2005

Please know that you are not alone. What are pain management docs there for, if not to keep you comfortable, on medication if needed. Do they tell cancer patients that it is all in their head & that they are drug addicts? I dont think so.

You really need to find a pain management doc that will listen to you & work with you. You might HAVE to take narcatics in order to function like a human being. THink of it this way....if that doc was in the pain you are in, do you think he would stay away from narcatics? Most of these docs that are treating us for pain have no idea what real pain is like.

WHen you look for a pain management doc you have to make sure that it isnt just an anestigiologist that decided to open a practice to make more money. You need a doctor who is actually educated to be a pain manager, not just an anestigiologist. Unfortunetly, it is very difficult to find a good doc. You should ask other sufferers if they know of any good docs in your area.

DOnt feel alone, & DONT feel ashamed for needed narcatics.


At Thu, 8 Dec 2005, M. Fern wrote: >
>I've read a lot of messages here and it seems that we are all in the
>same situation. I had my adhesions removed in August after a
>diagonistic laperascopy. I never even knew what they were until the Dr.
>told me she found them after the surgery. I've never had surgery prior
>to this but was in an accident that may be the cause of my adhesions.
>Now, I'm back to my original pain.

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