Re: Advise for Surgery to Remove Adhesions

From: Rach (
Fri Dec 16 17:34:49 2005

I suggest you find a good fertility doc. If you find someone who specializes in infertility, they will be more likely to help you get pregnant. You also might want to try accupuncture. It is known to help women with fertility problems.

Dont give up hope. I have a friend who had endometriosis so bad that her tubes were completely blocked. The docs told her that there was no way she would be able to get pregnant. Well, she now has a healthy boy. She got pregnant on her own, no help at all, except accupuncture. It can happen.

Good luck,


At Wed, 7 Dec 2005, Caron wrote: > >I have been diagnosed with severe adhesions blocking my tubes and >throughout my abdomen making it imposible to concieve, My Dr. does not >recomend surgery for this condition. While searching on the net I >discovered several ladies have had surgery to remove adhesions and >reconstruct tubes.

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