Re: tired of doctors and no answers

From: chriztene (
Fri Dec 16 17:32:38 2005

Yes, I have some of your similiar symptoms with the pulling in the upper back and problems breathing sometimes. I have had adhesions removed twice from my pelvic/bowel/appendix area. I know there are more higher up around my ribs on my right side which causes the pulling on the back area. I even mentioned this to the obgyn and he told me he only does from the navel down..Isnt that just lovely?? Needless to say, I am on the hunt for another obgyn. I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis prior to learning I had adhesions, and I have found when you have a 'diagnosis' doctors will do all to help you. However, with adhesions, its another story all together. Try as I may to remain calm and diligent, I cant seem to get past the anger I have toward the medical community as it relates to adhesions.

I feel most doctors think adhesions cause us a bit of a belly ache, gas, and a little discomfort. I really do not think they understand the magnitude of our suffering and diminshed quality of life or surely more would be done to help us. The only kind of doctor I have been able to find to help is an obgyn. When ever I have consulted with a surgeon, they quickly show you the door.

I watched a special on discovery health where a surgeon removed a 200 pound tumor from a women which took like 18 hours and yet is seems impossible for us who have adhesions to find a surgeon who can use a barrier to help us with the adhesions from returning. Something is terribly wrong with this picture.

But yet if one is fortunate enough to have the money, you can go to germany and recieve excellent treatment/removal/barrier for adhesions. I am going to start telling all of these doctors who pass me off to yet another doctor how rich they could be if they would only specialize in adhesions..

I so pray the US begins realizing the severity, suffering and debilitations that result from adhesions and start treating it as such. Here again, I feel the major problem with getting proper medical care as far as adhesions are concerned is that doctors cant "see" them on any standard tests. I also feel mostly women suffer from adhesions and it is so easy to just associate our complaints with 'female issues.' When in reality adhesions most of the time are not in our female organs but spread throughout our stomach/bowels.

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