Re: low back pain

From: (no name) ((no email)
Sun Dec 25 13:34:38 2005

I've had severe low back pain related to my adhesions for many years. Also,

after all my surgeries, the back pain worsens for some time. I was told it was because the adhesions had connected my intestine to the back muscles and

restricted their movement with normal body movement, thus causing pain from being held in one place when they're not supposed to be. I've had my kidneys

checked, I don't have a gall bladder, I've had my bladder checked, and none of those things have any problem nor are the cause of the pain. When my surgeon went in to do the last lysis of adhesions, that's what he told me. Reba

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> Sender: (Melody)
> Subject: low back pain
> Just wondering if anyone has had low back pain due to the adhesions.I
> developed a very bad pain in my lower right back on 11/27 - very sore to
> the touch and swollen - it just came out of the blue with no reason for
> onset and has been getting worse - I went to Chiro for 2 treatments
> (ultra sound and ice) and they wanted me to be checked out by my DR to
> rule out issues with my bowel as I have a SBO due to the adhesions since
> Feb 05 - since I did not respond to chiro treatment and OTC meds and I
> can't get in with my DR until next week I went to Urgent Care last night

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