Re: Abdominal Adhessions and FAITH

From: Karynn (
Thu Dec 1 06:10:23 2005

Hello Mark, Your letter resonated with me. I think adhesions helped "pull apart" my first marriage as well. (and we though they were just hard on organs) Some times people can't handle seeing their loved ones in constant pain and illness is just plain hard on a marriage! I am remarried now and have been quite happily for 10 years even though my illness has reared it's ugly head many times. and you're absolutely right about faith! Hope and heart and humour saved my life as much as any doctor! Bless you! Karynn

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> Dear Marlene,
> I just had to respond to your message. My heart goes out to you in
> empathy. My marriage failed because of my illness. Probably more
> because we put too much faith in visual hope. Without a tangeable
> reason to hope, the spirit decays.
> That's when true faith is necessary. Faith is the substance of things
> hoped for; the assurance of things not seen. I'm a religious man, but
> I'm not talking about religion. I'm talking about faith as a quality of
> character.
> My recommendation is that you not put too much of your energy banging
> your head against the wall of the medical community. Just forgive them
> for the flawed human beings that they are.
> Instead, make assertive statements to yourself. Statements that are
> hope-based, but not necessarily specific. Although there are specific
> treatments that are interesting, you're not going to get a lot of
> certainty from a doctor. The classic doctor/patient conversation that
> you and I want is not going to happen. There just isn't good enough
> information for the medical profession to "profess" much. Any doctor
> that does, would be standing out too far. They necessarily adopt a
> "herd" mentality. It's required by their liability insurance. It is
> the standard by which they will be judged in court.

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