New here...just need someone to talk to

From: Brandi (
Sat Oct 29 17:24:45 2005

I started having problems right after I gave birth to my 3rd child,6 months after I had him I was expriencing severe pain. My doc went in to look around and ended up having to do a partial hyst,needless to say 6 months after that I was expriencing pain once again so my dr did a lap to remove adhesions,yet again 6 months after that another surgery,about 8 months after that I was having unbearable pain went to the Dr again,he wanted to do another lap I refused and asked to be sent to a specialist, So I was the specialist went in and found that my ovaries were full of cyst. Come to find out I had severe endo, fibroid tumors, I had adhesion so badly that everything had attached to my stomach wall. The last surgery I had was in March of 99, did great for a while. Now it is October 05 and I have been having severe pain again for about 3 months. I went to my DR(the specialist) he wants to try meds and PT until January. One of the meds he put me on is a muscle relaxer, well been taking it for a bit now, it relaxes my muscles but doesn't make the severe pain go away. I have started the PT at home and seems to make it worse. I cannot stand this pain, and I know that come January there will be yet again another surgery. The only question is Can I live with this pain until then??? I have severe abdominal pain, constipation, pain in my abdomine anytime I do any kind of activies. They are hoping that it is just muscle spasm, but I really don't think so, if that were the case shouldn't the muscle relaxers work? I had felt so alone like I was one in a million but then I found this group, and found out that I am not alone. Anyone with any ideas to help me cope until January? Would love to have someone to talk to about all of this, my husband just seems not to understand at all. Anyone else having to go to PT for this? If so is it helping or am I just wasting my time?

Thanks, Brandi

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