epidural and pain management

From: Ann (nevilleridings96@aol.com)
Sat Oct 29 17:24:05 2005

Hey everyone! I just had an epidural done to try to find the cause of my persistent left-sided low back and flank pain, which also radiates down into the groin and pelvic area. I was sent to an orthopedic doc by my urologist, which I go to for ureteral strictures. I had a recent renal scan done and it turned out good, so I asked him did he think that it could be the adhesions. I won't bore ya'll with the details but I have had 4 major abdominal surgeries for endo, adhesions, etc. He said could be, but he wanted to find out if my back was okay.

The ortho doc did an MRI and found a mild degenerative disk, but said he didn't think that it was causing all the pain. So I endured an epidural of the lumbar, which let me tell you was holy hell. I was told later that they didn't use enough novacaine at the injection site and therefore that was the cause of it being so painful. I thought that I was going to die, it hurt so bad. I was crying by the time it was over. Anyway, it did not work. I still have the persistent pulling, tugging pain. What will it do to get these doctors to listen? I feel like screaming at them to listen to me.

My gyn FINALLY referred me to a pain management doctor when I was crying in his office because the pain was so bad, but I had to wait 3 weeks to see him because they were so slow in getting the referral letter and the records sent over, and of course when I asked for pain meds in the meantime, he said that he didn't feel comfortable giving them to me anymore, because he had prescribed so many so far. What is wrong with these doctors? I have been getting about 1 prescription of about 24 Lortab each month and sometimes not even every month, because they make you feel like a drug addict when you ask for more. So I try to stretch them out and by the time that I take one I am crying because the pain is so bad.

So I finally got an appointment for the pain doc and when I got there all I seen was his assistant. I asked where is the doctor and she said that she would take down all the information and then talk to him and would call me back. Well that was 3 weeks ago and no call. What do ya'll do to get these people to listen to you? I am sick and tired of being treated like there is nothing wrong with me and that the pain is not too bad. I think now that my parents are even starting to believe that there is nothing wrong with me. My poor husband is so understanding and sweet, but even he is starting to get tired of dealing with me, I think.

Sorry this is so long, but I am so tired of dealing with it all and this is the only place where people understand. I have even had thoughts of just ending it all, but I know that is selfish and cowardly, but the thoughts are still there. Someone please tell me how to handle these pain docs and what to ask for. Thanks, Ann

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