Re: covered in adhesions

Sat Oct 29 17:22:28 2005

At Wed, 26 Oct 2005, wrote: My adhesions are all mixed up with the endo.

Hi Vicki, The last surgery I had for adhesions was in March of 1999, I had severe endo, fibroid tumors, both of my ovaries were filled with cysts, I had adhesions so badly that everything had attached to the lining of my it is in October of 2005 and I had to go back to my Dr( whom is a specialist this week) the pain has been back for more than 6 months now. He put me on some meds and told me to do PT at home and lets give this a try for 3 months until January 2006.........the meds he put me on are muscle relaxers..........well they relax my muscles alright but do NOT make the pain go away.

I have been trying to do some research on this matter online and everything I find and read makes me think and I am almost 100% positive that I have severe adhesions back again. When I go back in January the end of Jan that is he said if the meds and the PT hasn't worked that I will have to go under again.

I was really frustrated when he started talking about all these meds......He gave me 6 in all.........and then put me back on Hormone Replacements........which I am not really thrilled about!!!!! I understand what you are going through trust me........ I am glad that I found this group.....Hope to hear from you soon.... Thanks, Brandi

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