covered in adhesions

Wed Oct 26 23:17:50 2005

Hello All, Well I went to my post op yesterday. I had a lap done on the 10th and major surgery may 05. I have lots of bad news. Endometriosis is graded and it goes from 1 to 40 most of us know endo in stages well stage 4 is a 40. I'm above that. I have the most aggressive endo there is.I don't see a regular doctor, i am seeing a specialits and i got so scared cause he looked shocked on how many there was. He said he had only seen a handful of cases like me. My doctor took some endo out but had to leave a lot in. I also have the most adhesions. Every organ in me is covered in them. The one is pulling my overy and attaching it to my stomach. My bowls are covered and pulling and reattaching it to other organs also. I am in the 1% that this happens to. You ladies are lucky this only happens to 1% of woman with endo. I had such bad endo and endo causes adhesions, thats why mine is so bad. My doctor thinks I was born like this ( with endo). Maybe i was thats why i never experienced any pain till a chocolate cyst reputred. My adhesions are all mixed up with the endo. He said its like a bowl of soup all mixed up. The reason for me writing this is I would like to know if anyone else has this problem. I am trying physical therapy then surgery if that does not work. I do not want the surgery but the pain is unbarable. I can't be the only one covered in these. please help... Thanks, Vicki

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