Spray Gel

From: Melody (mbyrne@paddocklabs.com)
Wed Oct 19 21:11:45 2005


I am new to the site and have posted a few messages previously, I am trying to find out as much as I can about the spray gel barrier that is being used in Germany - does anyone have info or can you direct me to a site??? I have been battling adhesions since 1990 and have had 6 surgeries to remove them the latest in Aug o4 0- in Feb o5 I was diagnosed with a small bowel obstruction and have been on vicodin since for the last few weeks my pain has become constant (around my belly button and down lower towards my bladder - I also have pain and nausea when I eat any significant portions...I went to a new surgeon last week and he ran a CT Scan - got the results today - "no acute findings or reason for patients pain" I cannot help but laugh - since we all know that my pain is from adhesions and you cannot see them on a CT Scan - anyway - got the boot from him.....I see my internal med Dr again tomorrow but I know he will not be able to do anything for me....I really would like to find out as much as I can about the spray gel and would appreciate any feedback on that or anything else. Take care to all of my fellow suffers.


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