Myofascial release for adhesions?

From: Sherry Coleman (
Wed Oct 19 21:08:11 2005

A little of my history: Hysterectomy 2001, pelvic pain on the left side; diagnostic lap turned into laparotomy because dense adhesions were found all over the left ovary and tube, initially the ovary and tube could not even be seen because of adhesions, dr. did a salpingo oophorectomy, lysed adhesions which were also all over intestines and used interceed to prevent more adhesions; pelvic pain on the left side; 2005 vaginal vault prolapse surgery, dense adhesions again found all over the intestines on the left side, lysed; pelvic pain (left side again). Now I still have pelvic pain and I had myofascial release done last Weds. in hopes to release the adhesions without surgery. Very nauseated and extremely sore ever since. My question is this: Will myofascial release help to release adhesions that are on the intestines or can adhesions be released by this treatment at all? I really need some answers on this if anyone out there can offer me some insight..maybe one of you have had experience with myofascial release; good result..bad results?? Any info would be sincerely appreciated and if anyone has any knowledge of links I can go to to get more info on this.

Thanks so much for any help!


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