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Erin, I can understand your frustration with finding the "right" foods. I would try to focus first on not being in pain and poss. being obstructed from strictures/adhesions. If you suffer from part. obstructions, this situation could become acutely serious very fast. If one is obese, loosing weight is important too.

What ever reason you have to want to loose weight, you can do that gradually with modifying your diet once you've found the "right" diet for your symptoms. It will follow naturally.

Taking in more soluble fiber than insoluble fiber has been the big key for me. All those seeds, nuts, popcorn, corn, peels, bran flakes, uncooked veggis and fruits, stringy things made my symptoms worse. Insoluble fibers are matters our body can not digest. It creates bulk and rouphage to clean out the gut. You get the same with soluble fiber with less problems. That's why I like to take the Metamucil, a little throughout the day (or the crackers). You can still have a balanced nutrition with an adjusted diet. There is still a lot to eat. Most of the time you can eat the same foods by preparing them differently.

Take off peels of fruits and veggies and poss. eat them cooked (Applesauce instead of a raw Apple, canned varieties among many others). Brake down/eliminate the fiber matrix as much as you can before eating. Be concious about what you eat. Chew long and good. Digestion starts in the mouth. I don't take more than 3-6grm/serving of insoluble fiber. You don't need to just eat all bran cereals to stay healthy. Check the box. Make sure you eat a low fat diet. Perhaps you could change the oil your cooking with, things like that. Check the internet for phrases like "low fat diet", "low residue diet", "liquid diet", "soluble" and "insoluble fiber". A lot of clinics and GI docs have suggestions about that on the internet (incl. Dr. Gerhardt/Penn., who also does laps for adhesions).

As with everything: start making slow changes and educate yourself well. See what makes sense to/for you. Unfortunately there's a great deal of tryal and error to go through. Keep a food diary.

One last tip: I've made one book my bible. It's: "The new eating right for a bad gut" The complete nutritional guide to Ileitis, Colitis, Chron's Disease and Inflammatory bowel disease by James Scala,Ph.D. I don't have neither but symptoms of all due to adhesions, short gut and radiation damage. You can check at Amazon and look in the index and buy it used.

I hope I have given you something to think about. Take care and good luck Eva

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