Re: Looking for a good doctor!!! (Atlanta GA)

From: Rebecca (
Wed Oct 19 21:03:05 2005

Dear C Thornton, I wish I did know of a good doc in Atlanta. I'm in California and am very fortunate to have Cedar- Sinai Hospital and the GI Motility Specialty Clinic to go to.

I'd like to commend you on the support of your wife. This problem is so devastating that marriages are surely put to the test. Many don't survive. My husband is like you. He's used all his sick leave, vacation, and holidays to cart me around and now has full responsibility for the house and chores, in and out. I don't think I could take all this without him. He's many times the only thing that keeps me going, beside my faith, and believe me, that's put regularly to the test. I often feel like Job and wonder when the boils are coming!!!! (Sad, but humor intended...)

Best of luck to you both and I will pray for you to find the right doctor who can at least try his/her best to relieve your wife's pain. I no longer eat and am on my fourth port-a-cath with TPN. Anything I eat does get obstructed (actually pseudo-abstruction) and I vomit nearlyl all the time because even the stomach doesn't empty well now. Keep your faith or get help with depression as you need. I started on an anti-depressant a couple of months ago, and that REALLY helped both of us!!!


-----Original Message----- Sender: (C.T.) Subject: Looking for a good doctor!!!

Does anyone know of a good doctor in the Atlanta, GA area? My wife has adhesions from several surgeries but her current surgeon does not "feel comfortable" peforming surgery to remove them.

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