Re: New here...Help!!

Sun Oct 16 11:40:49 2005

Hi Misty,

My name is Brenda and I wish I was sending you this e-mail with some helpful advice. Unfortunately, I have none because my journey is just beginning. In fact, I just happened to come across your e-mail while trying to get as much information as I can on adhesions in the pelvic area and abdomin before I return to the doctor next Thursday after having a cat scan. Here is my story, in l980 I had an emergency c-section, It was the day I was due and had no problems with my pregnancy but I went to the hospital bleeding and instead of saying well this is not placenta previa and doing a section then, I layed in the hospital for l8 hours, while they hoped I would go into labor. I did not, they unhooked me from all monitors and sent me downstairs for an ultra-sound, mean while my placenta must have completely broken away. I was brought back upstairs and then they could not get his heartbeat as they tried to get me back on the monitor. At this point I was rushed in and they did the c-section, but my sons oxegen was cut off for to long and they revived him and he lived one day. I got pregnant 6 months later and had a healthy girl and then 2 years later and had a healthy boy, both c-sections and they used the same cut each time. I had normal periods and never any trouble until l0 years ago when suddenly I had severe pain in my stomach and it turned out that I had an ovary rupture and when he got inside I had 3 pints of blood floating and 3 hours of scar tissue scraped.

Again, he cut the same scar. He said the ovary probably ruptured because of the scar tissue. I don't seem to recall any doctor telling me, there is always a possiblity of scar tissue forming after a surgery like this. I guess being a nurse kind of puts you at an advantage because you are already aware of these things that can happen, where some dummy like myself has to rely on a doctor to tell me some of the ugly things that can happen to my body. I'll get to the point now that I have spilled my guts all over the internet. The last 3 years I have had severe pain in my abdomen, horrible periods with clotting, swelling and problems going to the bathroom. I've even had some back pain and fatigue which I have tried to brush off as I'm getting older and it's natural to be tired like this. I'm afraid my health is going to jepordize my job and I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! My last visit the doctor mentioned hysterectomy. I'm thinking if my menstral problems are due to scar tissue, why a hysterectomy?

I should have waited to e-mail you until I got back to the doctors to find out what exactly the cat scan showed, but I know my body and I know that it is adhesions and I have a million questions and I'm just plain freaking out! The thought of going under the knife again does not bring back pleasant memories which I'm sure as many times that you have been through it, yours are not pleasant either. Thanks for being tolerant while I released major anxiety.

Good Luck and God Bless Brenda

>Hi my name is Misty, I'm 27 years old and I'm an RN. I'm married with
>two children. I also suffer from severe pelvic adhesional disease. If
>you have time here is my story:

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