SS disability

From: International Adhesions Society (
Sat Oct 8 08:50:34 2005

Sender: "melisa carratala" Subject: RE: SS disability

Hi, If I were you i'd consult a ssi lawyer, I too was turned down the first time i applied, ssi thinks i should be able to hold a job, I just had ANOTHER surgery 2 weeks ago to release my bowels from the nasty adhesion web it was caught up in, I lost an ovary, and they repaired 2 insisional hernias,even after over 6 hours of surgery, my doctors were not able to remove all the adhesions, this time and they are growing back already, so I hired an attorney hopefully I will get some financial help soon. This is an awful, horrible disease and it's such a shame that no one seems to want to learn about the struggles an Adhesion paitient goes through. May the lord be with you and may he grant you good health soon. -Melisa

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