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Tue Oct 4 19:07:39 2005

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Have Your Doctor prescribe miralax. Its a cellulose preperation and works when mixed with liquid. If they fixed a hernia repair, your healing will cause adhesions. The collagen that natural occurs as part of the healing process creates adhesions. I will send what information I have to help you. You should eat very lightly, scrambled eggs and jello, cereal etc. Peanuts, hard fruit and veggies are difficult to pass. As far as pain goes, Opiates are a catch 22.

This means darvocet etc. Its extrememly constipating. Try a muscle relaxant. Perhaps an Ibuprofen and cymbalise which is a new pain med based on seratonin. To check for an obstruction, use a water enema. If it passes up through you then you are okay. This will also give you a way to feel inside what feels tight and what doesnt. It also relaxes you and acts as a natural laxative without ingesting anything.

Listen to your body and what its telling you. Be sure to report any nausea to the doctor. Hope that helps .....yours, Deborah

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