Re: GYN Update

From: Jawana Coleman (
Sat Oct 1 18:23:47 2005

Deborah - I too have had a total hysterectomy - The Doc told me that I still need yearly exams because I still have a Cervix! And cervical cancer is the prime reason for pap smears. Hope that answers your question about why we still need female exams when we have no female parts.

At Tue, 27 Sep 2005, Ann Neville wrote: >
>I went to the gyn doctor for my annual exam yesterday and about died
>also. I have no more reproductive parts and I don't see the need for an
>exam, but I have to to get the premarin that I need. He did the finger
>exam and I thought that I would come up off the table. He asked me was
>I alright because my face had drained of color. I wanted to hit him it
>hurt so bad.

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