Re: What to ask a surgeon when you go for a consult?

From: Robin M (
Tue Sep 13 20:36:53 2005

Dear Deborah, Yes, Spray Gel is approved in Germany and many countries in Europe and Austrailia, and has been used for several years now.

I suffered with adhesions since a month after my first c-section in Oct 83. My first surgery for adhesions was in Aug 85. Prior to my June 2003 surgey in Germany, I had been in bed for 2 years. I went to every Dr that would see me. Tried different pain meds until I found something that worked, I still had pain, but at least it was half way bareable. Was told it was all in my head, adhesions don't cause pain, I was addicted to pain meds and needed to go to detox. I had EVERY test there was, I was actually told there were no more tests to be run to find out what was wrong with me. I had laprascopic surgeries, open abdominal surgeries, a hysterectomy,& a hernia surgery, adhesion barriers & no barriers. My intestines were practically shut down, woke several times a night even with taking a strong sleeping pill. My relationships suffered, I was suicidal.

When the Dr told me I was adhesion free, I didn't understand. I could not comprehend what he was saying. I didn't know what I would do, I dreamt of the day, but my mind just went numb. I was scared!! I didn't remember how to live with out pain. I didn't know what I would do now that I didn't have any adhesions causing pain.

The first few weeks, when I had some pain, I would just cry, just knowing my adhesions were returning. My husband kept telling me I didn't have adhesions, no, they were not returning. I was having surgical pain, I was healing. Even though I knew it could take 6 months or more to heal from surgery, I was scared.

I got to be there when my Grand daughter was born. I got to be there when my Sis was in the hospital with cancer. Spending most of the 4 months with her from diagnosis to death. I have been on vacations. I have a part time job now. I didn't want to work full time because I already missed out on so much, I didn't want to miss out on more. I see my Grand daughter several times a week, she comes & stays with me over night, we go shopping together, play out side, plant flowers & snuggle on the couch & watch cartoons. I go shopping, I cook, clean & occationally do windows (ha ha). I am still over whelmed at times at some of the things I do. I look back to right over 2 years ago at the person I was. A shell of a person. Not a wife, not a mother, not a woman. laying in my bed of horror. Wishing to die, begging God to take me, not wanting to live like that a second longer. What is it like to be adhesion free? I guess I would have to say "It's a wonderful life". (that's my favorite movie) love & prayers Robin

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>Sent: Saturday, September 03, 2005 4:13 PM
>Subject: Re: What to ask a surgeon when you go for a consult?
>Dear Robin- I have been ready about confluent spray
>gel. Its approved in germany? I am going to see my
>GYN to discuss adhesio-lysis and also possibly
>getting a PT RX for Myofacial release. What is it
>like to be free from adhesions. It must be like
>the best dream youve ever had.
>Yours, Deborah Bargad

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