c-diff and adhesions

From: Teresa (teresalynnprinceconner@yahoo.com)
Tue Sep 13 20:32:37 2005

During a routine laporoscopic procedure to drain a cyst of my ovary, it was discovered that there was no cyst. I did have adhesions that attached my colon to my abdominal wall. The doctor attempted to lysis the adhesions and in the process perforated my colon. This was not discovered for some time. I was sent home the same day, and got progressively worse over the next couple of days. I developed fever, chills, a horrible rawness of my abdomen, and could tell that my health was in serious jeopardy. I contacted my doctor on numerous occasions and she assured me that this was normal. I felt worse than I did when I had my hysterectomy and the fever was rising.

I went to the emergency room where they ran numerous blood test and sent me home telling me to return if I got worse. I returned the next day. At this point large lumps had formed in my arms. On this day the doctor told me that I had an elevated white count and asked me where I thought the infection was. I told him that I thought it was possible that they had punctured my colon during surgery. I also pointed out the new found lumps in my arm. They ran a CT scan of my abdomen and an ultrasound of my arm. They discovered a blood clot in my arm and a large abcess in my abdomen. So, they admited me to the hospital and put me on IV antibiotics. They said that they were going to have a cardio vascular surgeon look at my arm, but they never did. The next day I developed another clot in the arm the IV was in. My doctor had also left town and turned my case over to her partner and a general medicine doctor at the hospital. Between the two of them they decided to send me home without further testing.

I didn't feel that I was well or able to go,but they insisted and discharged me the next day. The following day I went to see a doctor across town. My fever was elevated again and he was quite shocked that the doctors had released me from the hospital with an absess that size. He called my doctors partner,who called admitting and admitted me to the hospital and had a main line put in for the IV antibiotic. One was Clindamycin and the other was a cephlasporin, I think. I was in the hospital for the next week with no other scans being done and I developed some large hemeroids. I was quite constipated while being in the hospital, so they were giving me a lot of milk of magnesia. They were supposed to have a colorectal doctor look at me before going home but again it did not happen. I went to see the colorectal Dr. on Friday the day after I got out of the hospital. At this point I was in so much pain I could not sleep. He looked at the hemoroids and said I would need surgery and the soonest he could do it was monday and that I would have to take this prep kit to clean me out. I took the kit on Sunday and became horribly ill. By the next day when I arrived at the hospital I told the doctor that if they did surgery, I would probably not live through it.

My original doctor just happened to be in the area at the moment so she ordered some blood test only to find that my white count was elevated again. Surgery was called off for that day and a CT was performed in the morning. Within an hour of the CT, the Doctor appeared in my room telling me that I was being taking urgently to surgery that they thought there might be a perforation and they did not know what they would need to take when they go in there, but that I would die if they did not. After surgery I was told that I had gotten lucky and that they only had to remove one ovary and clean up some scar tissue but they did not find a perforation.

Again I was placed on double antibiotics and sent home a few days later. At home I developed some vaginal bleeding, severe constipation and something that sounded like bubble wrap in my abdomen. I returned to the doctors who ordered me back to the hopital urgently. I finally had a barium enema, where they discovered I had a leak in my colon. Within minutes the doctor appeared and told me I had cellulitus and a colon perforation and that I would die if I did not have surgery immediately. They told me that most likely I would wake up with a colostomy bag, and they did not know what else they might have to take. When I finally woke up I noticed that I was being given blood, I took a little over 3 pints. I had been in surgery several hours and lost my appendix, my other ovary, a foot of my colon and they said I had to have so much blood because it took them hours to clean the scar tissue off all the loops of my intestines. The peritonitis made it all the way up to my left lung. For the next month I was on dual IV antibiotics, and developed several small abscesses. I had to have drain tubes put in, and when I went home I still had a colostomy bag, and had to do two IV antibiotics every 5 hours for two weeks. 6 weeks after all this, it was time to reconnect my colon. I went in for the reconnect and it took some time again do to scar tissue. After the surgery it took several days before my colon woke up and made any noise at all, and of course more IV antibiotics. The hospital started feeding me clear liquids after about 4 days, and on day six I was on soft foods. On day seven they gave me a turkey sandwich and sent me home a half hour later.

My family left and I was there alone with my children when a horrible pain set in. I called the doctor who told me to take a pain pill and go to bed. I began to vomit, and kept vomiting until my whole body was shaking. I called several hospitals who insisted that I go back to the hospital who had done this to me. I finally called the doctor back. I told him that I had thrown up two tubs of bile and could hardly move, He exclaimed " What do you want me to do call an ambulance!" intimidated I hung up the phone threw up again and collapsed. My son, who did not have a drivers license at the time carried me to the car and drove me back to the hopital. It was discovered that I had a blockage and I was put on IV fluids and diloted. I finally started to have stuff move threw my bowels but it looked like green flakey water... and it was painful... I kept telling the doctor that this was not normal, and he mentioned running a stool study but did not order it. The next day I asked the nurse about it and she didn't come in for it. finall I went in the hat that they provide to measure the urine and called the nurse and insisted she take it to the lab. When she refused I called the doctor and insisted it get done. The test was run and it came back that I had C-Diff. C-Diff was explained to me to be death of the good bacterias in the colon that keep the colon healthy and helps break down the waste and distribute nutrients to the body. I found that for some time most of the foods I ate in particular what they fed me at the hospital hurt me.

I was in the hospital for two more weeks, and when I went home I was still on soft foods. I contacted a natureopath, who put me on a diet that eliminated sugar, flour, processed rice, beef, pork, dairy,oranges, and tomatoes. He also put me on plant ensymes that help with digestions and probiotics. I still have to work really hard watching my diet, excersize and water in take...is extremely importan. Keeping inflamation down with licorice extract, and taking lysine and bromolien and taking plenty of magnesium and calcium. All the antibiotics killed the good gut flora and damaged not only my colon but my blood vessels. Nuts, Pinapple, plenty of water, some avocadoes,Kale, chard, brocoli... with plenty of water are things that can help to break down the plaque from the antibiotics and help to repair some of the damage.

The colon may never be the same... but it can improve. Find a nature doctor... and someone who practices REIKI in your area. It can only help. It is whatI do. I have not been able to find any traditional medicine help. I am always up to new answers if any one has any.


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