Re: pain, cramping, C, D, and feeling isolated

From: Sue (
Fri Sep 9 20:24:36 2005


You are definately not alone. Once I had to change drs for insurance reasons and requested a copy of my medical records and as I read through them I saw several references to my disposition...."she appears depressed". Well of course at times I've been depressed, living with this type of condition is not easy and when you are in the mist of a medical crisis and your dr isn't offering any type of relief or solution, then why would I be happy. When I'm feeling good, I'm not at the drs.

What don't they get? I guess if I was happy, or acted happy they wouldn't feel so uncomfortable with not having a answer for me.

You are very lucky you got a referral - to the Mayo Clinic nonetheless! Which one are you going to? My dr refuses to refer me to anyone else even for a second opionion b/c she says "the problem is clear (adhesions leading to blockages), and that she sees no way to fix it permanently (surgery just leds to more adhesions). So good for you, I hope you find some answers and some relief. Keep us posted on your outcome. Again, you are not alone.

Best of Luck, Sue

At Tue, 6 Sep 2005, michelle wrote: >
>i am feeling very isolated from my abdominal pain, constipation,
>diarhea, etc. Every time i see a new doctor, or they can't figure
>anything out, and i am made to feel it is all in my head, i start to
>believe them! ANYONE ELSE!?!?

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