Re: If you have recurring partial obstructions...

From: Gary Gilling (
Tue Sep 6 17:08:49 2005

i was told by my surgeon to never eat nuts as they don't digest well and get

stuck in the kinks in the bowel and can cause obstuctions. I also find i can't digest apples and pears they start me off as well.

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> Dear Jen,
> Thank you for your insight on diet. I got more out your e-mail then
> I've gotten from my doctors in the past 14 years. I was in the hospital
> about a month ago for a partial blockage in my small bowel due to
> multiple adhesions. My husband asked if diet played a role and the
> surgeon said "absolutely not, she can eat whatever she wants". We were
> skeptical so you have re-affirmed our beliefs. Thanks Again.
> At Mon, 29 Aug 2005, Jen in Houston wrote:

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